What is the Accommodation and Food Services industry in the US?

Industry Definition

This sector is primarily occupied with providing lodging and food services to consumers for immediate consumption. This includes hotels, motels and other accommodation formats along with full-service restaurants, limited-service restaurants, food contractors and drinking places. This sector excludes civic and social organizations and entertainment facilities, such as theaters and amusement parks, that provide food services as a secondary product.

Industry Products and Services

  • Traveler accommodation

  • Other accommodations

  • Special food services

  • Drinking places (alcoholic beverages)

  • Restaurants and other eating places

Industry Activities

  • Hotels and motel services, including casino hotels

  • Campground and RV park services

  • Other accommodation services

  • Full-service restaurants

  • Fast food restaurants

  • Coffee and snack shops

  • Catering services

  • Street vending locations

  • Bars and nightclubs

  • Other food services

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