How to maximize OneSourceDirect’s features

OneSourceDirects founder, Scott LeBeau shows you how to get fast, relevant business-to-business search information from the online tool and shares tips on how to get to candid customer insights.

What you’ll learn in 8 minutes

  • How to create a  content profile

  • How to create and build shareable topic response personas

  • How to connect with businesses using the search request form

  • How to identify businesses

  • How to use offers and profile content to respond to what businesses are looking for

Quick Video Tutorial

How to send a NEEDS request

  • NEEDS – these are things that as a User you are looking for.

How to manage business LEADS

  • LEADS – these are possible Opportunities for you or your business.

How to send custom OFFERS to specific search requests

  • OFFERS – these are promotional opportunities that you can share with community members.

How to publish ARTICLES, share videos and more

  • ARTICLES – These are content pieces like infographics, blogs, webinars, podcasts, or anything that you want to share with a community member.

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OneSourceDirect is a business community information search tool designed for entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and anyone wanting to expand their circle of online influence.

If you’re a freelancer, micro-business, a small team up to 500, or anyone wanting to expand your circle of influence, join us today.

OneSourceDirect is very easy to use. You don’t need any special knowledge or additional software. Indexing your own information is simple. Simply create content on your profile and distribute it with the community members that you wish to share it with.

It is expected that search results are timely responded to by the requester. This can be completed by asking the index-owning community member directly.

One Source Direct respects user privacy. All password- or cookies-protected pages are excluded from indexing.

OneSourceDirect provides simple, centralized access to information. For a User with a Need, send ONE “contact us” form to those Users that appear when searching the Internet as opposed to visiting every website, verify that they have what you are looking for, and then possibly send multiple requests for additional information.