What is the Manufacturing industry in the US?

Industry Definition

The Manufacturing sector includes operators engaged in the transformation of raw inputs into new products using mechanical, physical, or chemical processes. Additionally, the assemblage of component parts into new, complex goods is included in this sector, except where they should be considered construction. Goods may be sold directly to end-users or to wholesalers for redistribution. Harvesting, extraction, resale, and publishing are also not included in this sector.

Industry Products and Services

  • Food, beverage, and tobacco

  • Petroleum, coal. chemicals, plastics, and rubber

  • Transportation and machinery equipment

  • Metals and mineral production

  • Computer, electronic and electric products

  • Wood and paper products

  • Textiles, apparel, and leather products

  • Other

Industry Activities

  • Food and beverage manufacturing

  • Petroleum and chemical product manufacturing

  • Transportation machinery and machinery equipment manufacturing

  • Metals and mineral production and manufacturing

  • Computer, electronic and electric equipment, and component manufacturing

  • Wood product manufacturing

  • Plastics and rubber product manufacturing

  • Textiles, apparel and other mills and manufacturing

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