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About us

We deliver small businesses with open and easy access to build networking connections

Centralize and streamline small business networking

From Inside-out-to-Outside in

Great data in, high-quality connections out

Founded in 2017 by Wisconsin business banker, Scott LeBeau, the One  Source Direct platform was conceptualized to deliver community banks a faster way to gather business data. Recognizing the similarities small businesses face with data accessibility to network smarter, Scott’s purview expanded to providing small and micro companies with fast and reliable access to business-ready data.

  • Marketing on social media is time-consuming, and managing cash flow can be a constant concern.

  • 39% of small business owners work over 60 hours a week, often with an unreliable return on this investment. Burnout is a common issue.

Accelerate business networking anywhere, anytime

Verified business connections

With an “Outside-In” business networking model, One Source Direct’s business members connect organically with business decision-makers without compromising data privacy. Decision-makers get the solutions they need, while solutions providers get more of the clients they want.

B2B networking on a level playing field

We use innovative technology and human intelligence that enables business executives to quickly and efficiently engage with business decision-makers from a central, accessible location that provides an equal opportunity to access the audience data that you need.

  • We provide solutions that benefit small businesses and we orchestrate your feedback to innovate standardized and useable attributes.

  • We empower each One Source Direct executive with the autonomy and opportunity to grow professionally.