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Confessions of an Entrepreneur

Working in a high-level corporate position is a dream of the past. A recent survey of US business professionals revealed that 97% of self-employed professionals said they would never go back to “traditional” employment (Freshbooks). Today, the seemingly lucrative lifestyle that you can achieve as an entrepreneur (or solopreneur) is an attractive opportunity for many striving toward success. But, let’s be real, the entrepreneurial journey is not without challenges. The road to entrepreneurship is often cobbled, and filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks, and dead ends.

Sharing the untold stories of earnest entrepreneurs, Financial Consultant and Realtor, Hannah Haas, in her Podcast platform, ‘Confessions of an Entrepreneur’ covers real topics that those on the personal journey of self-employment can gain huge insight and value and help to ignite your entrepreneurial fire as you look to develop and grow in your entrepreneurial success.


Don’t let the filters and flashy lifestyle fool you

With 31 million entrepreneurs in the US alone and projected to grow significantly over the next 5 years, Entrepreneurship has become a fashionable trend to pursue. With social media influencers impacting the thoughts, attitudes, and opinions of consumers, the prospect of entrepreneurship as an abundant opportunity for life-changing success can unwittingly cause those at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey to entertain certain expectations that don’t quite align with the reality of starting and growing a business.

Confessions of an Entrepreneur

With a unique blend of personal interviews, each week, podcast host Hannah Haas invites guests from all walks and stages of entrepreneurship to share their stories and offer listeners insights on the challenges and risks associated that they have encountered in the good, the bad, and the ugly of chasing their business goals and dreams. From health and wellness to boundary setting, financial challenges, communication struggles, leadership obstacles, and unchartered territories, Hannah’s transparent, down-to-earth, and robust interviews are resonating with entrepreneurs and listeners with 1 follower to those with 100,000+ followers.

Entrepreneurship is an arduous journey and continuing to learn and evolve are key drivers that help many entrepreneurs to thrive! As Charles Darwin once said – “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Markets across every industry and sector are rapidly changing and entrepreneurs that can adapt to this era of transformation can optimize and leverage increased business opportunities.

One Source Direct

At One Source Direct, we know that the path to success can be uncertain, especially in the small business world, and that’s why we’ve created an online small business resource that can help you quickly and easily generate and maintaining new business customers by connecting the dots that lead to your business products and services. If you’re looking to elevate your entrepreneurial journey and gain valuable business insight from successful entrepreneurs that started just like you, tune into ‘Confessions of an Entrepreneur’ and join our evolutionary business community at

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