Great Resignation follows great Opportunity

There’s never been a more exciting time to take ideas to innovation. As record numbers of the U.S. workforce voluntarily quit their jobs, the labor department announced that 2.9% of the entire workforce quit their jobs in August 2021.

Across virtually all industries, the great resignation is unlike anything we’ve seen before, begging questions to be answered on what’s driving this explosion of quitting?


Why is everyone quitting?

In light of the previous tumultuous 18 months, the mindset for the future of work has shifted, Live to Work, or Work to Live?

Despite average hourly earnings surging in recent months, particularly for the lowest-paid workers, ‘Turnover shock’ is the term coined for employees who voluntarily resign after experiencing a significant life event.

Fuelled by the Pandemic, people are leaving their jobs in search of greater flexibility, better pay, and more happiness.  What once would have been a “dream job” may now only be lightly considered as employees focus on new opportunities to meet personal needs, in addition to holding a great job. 


What opportunities are Independent contractors seeking?

After waning for decades, the boom of new startups launching daily is growing stronger. With 4.3 million new business applications filed by Americans last year, data from the census bureau reports an increase of 24% from the year before.

The surge is also increasing for freelancers, as freelancing is poised to become the majority workforce in the U.S. by 2027, according to projections in the Freelancing in America Survey, released by the Freelancers Union.


Helping Independent contractors to embrace change

One Wisconsin-based company is revolutionizing the surge to support freelancers and small startups across the U.S. Appreciating individualism and accommodating a booming independent workforce, One Source Direct is leveling the playing field for remote workers across the U.S.

Scott LeBeau, Founder of the innovative B2B platform that centralizes small business connections coined the phrase ‘Inside-Out engineering’ to unveil the platform’s distinct approach to streamlining business connections, during an interview with the California Business Journal.

Geared towards subscriber usability and simplicity, coupled with the mantra of “what does my business do and what are people looking for” One Source Direct is set to break new ground amongst those seeking alternatives to the tradition of 9-5.

A work trend survey by Microsoft found that 40% of the global workforce would consider leaving their current employer this year.