Top 7 Small Business ideas in 2022

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Business opportunities to consider for your start up

2021 was bigger for jobs than many expected — even the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics underestimated job growth. And though 2021 was a big year for growth, small businesses are still recovering — meaning if you want to start a business, there’s no better time to become a business owner.

According to the 2021 Small Business Trends survey, the desire to be one’s own boss was the most popular reason for starting a business. People across the country of every age, income, and education level are seeking a greater sense of autonomy in their careers. Whilst the pandemic changes a lot of business models, small business owners are noticing a lot of opportunities that consumers can benefit from. Here, One Source Direct presents a  list of opportunities that you can consider for starting your small business in 2022.

1. Medical courier services

For those people who have a reliable vehicle, they can consider medical courier services. Well, you are going to need amazing skills in time management too. Considering the courier services for a small business can be profitable since the healthcare industry is going to expand and already doing it. Also, the industry is one of the top-growing industries all over the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry has employment of more than 14.3 million people. Along with that, there will be 3.2 million jobs created in the coming 8 years. As per the stats, this is an opportunity to start the business and have stability. Starting your medical courier services, you will be responsible for the transportation of items reading medicals. It will include equipment, lab specimens, prescription drugs, etc. You can hire new drivers to work with you or start doing it on your own.

2. Online Teaching and classes

Covid 19 results shut down all the classes, universities, and schools all over the world. Nearly more than 1.2 billion students were out of the classroom. Not just it did have dramatic changes in education but also raised e-learning. Online teaching becomes on-demand and increases the opportunity for lots of businesses to start their ventures. Since the online business has become an important part, you can use this opportunity for your business too. Choose the subject you are knowledgeable about, well you don’t have to be professional or advanced knowledge.

3. Senior care-related services

According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, the number of senior citizens is going to surpass the number of kids by 2030. The shift is not just creating potential opportunities for businesses to start with senior care services but also results in the industry position holding the best business list. During 2018, the rise in the number of elders in the US created a huge chance for small businesses to come up with senior care facilities. When you are competing with established companies, you might come up with something different and consider the pricing too.

4. Bike sale rentals and services

According to the League of American Bicyclists, The community of bikers in the US increased by 43%. The year recorded was between 2010 to 2017. With health benefits aside, bicycling is good for the environment too. It makes bicycling the second most popular activity outdoors. Also, lots of people in America participate every year. Being something that is not just healthy, environment friendly, and liked by people, This is also promoted by the government which makes this industry a pretty good opportunity for business purposes. Besides, there is popularity for e-bikes that can be peddled with or without using electrical power for assistance. The expected sales for such bikes are more than 40 million by the year 2023. Also using a special kit, the regular bikes can be turned into e-bikes. For the small business, an entrepreneur can use this passion for converting the opportunity for their profit-earning business in 2022.

5. Janitorial services

Among the many services in high demand due to a growing generation of aging and retired adults, along with increased disposable income nationwide, is in-home cleaning. And as long as our economy continues to be strong, you’re well-positioned as the owner of a home cleaning service business. One of the easiest ways to get started is to open a franchise. IBIS reports that franchises in this industry saw 3% annual growth from 2012 to 2017 and, though this may slow as the industry becomes more saturated, the industry is expected to continue to grow.

6. Freight trucking services

If you’re currently a truck driver, now may be the time to transition to the role of owner/operator. While the industry isn’t quite back to where it was prior to the pandemic, it’s growing. Keep in mind that this industry includes everything from long-distance freight truckers to local moving companies. Your options are varied, but it seems like every variation has found success in the industry. The pandemic and rise in remote work have also led people to reconsider where they live, and ultimately increased in-country moving during 2020 and 2021. Naturally, this has been good business for local freight trucking companies.

7. Automotive Repair

Automotive repair is on the fast track to recovery. Having grown nearly 30% compared to numbers in 2020 and exceeding the number of locations in 2018, the automotive, repair, and maintenance industry is on the rise. According to an IBISWorld report, auto maintenance and repair franchises have grown 3.3 percent over the last five years, comprising an $8.1 billion industry. Driving industry growth, cars are now built better, and living longer, which means rather than buying a new car, people are taking their cars in for regular maintenance. Other popular services in this industry include oil and lubrication, transmission work, and mechanical repair.

No matter what type of small business you would like to start or how much money you have to invest, remember that the idea alone is not enough. It takes hard work. You have to show passion, persistence, and dedication to overcome all challenges as they arise. If you do, there’s nothing that can stop you from joining the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and small business owners from all around the world.

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