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5 Ways P2P Marketing Saves Time

Are you running a small business or offering freelance services?

Almost equivalent to a full-time workday a week, 43% of small business owners spend at least 6 hours each week on Social Media Marketing, yet 62% still feel that their social efforts are failing.

Whilst social media channels are designed to help people connect, defining a social strategy, creating original content, managing community pages, and running targeted ads, is an enormous cost of time.

With killer marketing strategies and high-performance SEO ambition, marketing experts say that unless someone actively manages your company’s social media presence, social media will not add value to your business.

Social Media Post Recommendations

Pitched the promise of increased online rankings, web traffic, and brand awareness, generally social media experts recommend these daily social media post ranges:

  • On Instagram, post between 3-7 times per week.

  • On Facebook, post between 1 and 2 times a day.

  • On Twitter, post between 1 and 5 Tweets a day.

  • On LinkedIn, post between 1 and 5 times a day.

Along with posting up to 77 posts per week, social experts say that each post must be optimized to fit the best practices of the social media channel and estimate that it takes an hour to write each post.

Whilst social media promises profitable success, for small businesses like startups and solo entrepreneurs, this is far too costly to get much else done, therefore many small business owners are sold on the importance of social media by social media consultants who want to set up and manage their accounts.

Whether your objective is as simple as notifying your customers of sales and promotions or sending out a company newsletter, If you’re wondering if your business is spending too much time on social media, here are a few things we’ve learned at OneSourceDirect.

People 2 People Vs Business 2 Business

  1. Differentiation. 

What motivates a single woman in her mid-thirties is likely entirely different from what motivates a grandmother in her late sixties, so using the same marketing strategy to reach both women is ineffective. Part of differentiation is understanding the needs of the individual person you’re trying to reach and then creating content that speaks to those unique needs.

  1. An engaging experience.  

Think about the most likable brands out there today. They probably use humor and creativity in their marketing strategy to capture people’s attention. While it and important to produce unique and compelling content to keep your audience engaged, it’s equally important to answer the direct question of what it is that people actually need from you. 

  1. Freedom of information Interaction.

You’ve probably heard people refer to their first amendment rights in America since freedom of speech is often considered a fundamental part of a democratic society.

However, according to Forbes,  73% of U.S. adults believe that social media platforms intentionally censor posts that share certain political views, for example.

Whilst there are necessary limitations, such as in South Africa which restricts the advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender, or religion’  free expression allows for ideas to be challenged, changed, and also better understood.

  1. Sustainable content materials.

One of the downsides to social media marketing is that you need to provide an ongoing stream of promotional material to keep your viewer’s attention. 

For many small businesses, solopreneurs, and micro companies, creating a new daily video or sending out an email blast three or four times a week is not sustainable.

Streamlining your content efforts with OneSourceDirect gets you more value and more mileage from the same. Therefore, you don’t have to produce new material as often to promote your product or service.

  1. Real Intelligence from real people.

Finally, people to people marketing often results in long-term relationships with your customers. When they feel like they’re valued as individuals, customers will return to you time and again. 

Though quite different from the marketing strategies seen on Mad Men depicting the fictional 1960s advertising exec Don Draper who was an adulterer, an occasional misogynist, and a military deserter,  P2P affords an opportunity to connect with consumers that you choose and who choose you. 

Build stronger relationships with these consumers, and facilitate an ongoing conversation with the consumer long after the point of purchase.


In summary, even 5 hours per week is 260 hours per year. If you calculate the value social media has added to your business, you’ll have to determine if that time is worth it to you.

OneSourceDirect encourages you to find ways to work smart while establishing your online business presence, and we’re offering 25,000 users free membership for 2 months.


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